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Gapingvoid Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams, and more!

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Sabrina Fehrenbach
Let' support each other and help each other grow

Just love the colorful background with the great message! Stronger together! The small heart is a beautiful detail. Makes colleagues dare to be open and to ask difficult or ('stupid') questions more easily.

David Morris
Great virtual background for Teams, Zoom, etc.

I held off using virtual backgrounds, because I didn't like all the 'normal' backdrops people used (plus it makes your head look funny). But, I don't mind my hair looking funny if the message is funny ... and what better message in these times that we need one another.

Michael Middleton
Virtual backgrounds

I love the images, I have printed a couple of so I can see them. However they do not all work terribly well as intended, I have followed Zoom's help for the background settings but sadly they still don't work as well as they might. I thought it might be my lap top but it is a Windows 10 machine with all the latest updates including a windows green screen

Robyn Roscoe
Taking on the World!

These backgrounds send such powerful positive messages. They are fun, innovative, thought-provoking and gorgeous. Gaping Void and Hugh McLeod have been longtime favourites and now I get to share them everyday. Thank you!