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Good message and context setter

If In Doubt Begin - Free
Claudine Muñoz

Gives a great message

Love my Virtual Background

I love my background It gave a sense of fun and of purpose to a recent session I conducted. I will be looking at more!!

It brightens up the zoom meetings.

Although I have since replaced this backdrop with the Gaping Void RBG one, it was still fun to have and it brightened up the zoom wall. Thank you!

Information Knowledge
Rebecca Korematsu
Evocative Background

Unlike the typical backgrounds for teams, this background provides context to my role and purpose. I am inspired by Gaping Void!

Innovate Everywhere
stuart zola
Innovation is Everywhere

Great background for Zoom. People ask what do I mean by that, so it generates useful conversation.

Love it!

I love the visuals created by gapingvoid! And the message is always inspiring and thought-provoking.

Brightens the day and generates discussion.

Practical talking points - what's not to like?

I downloaded several GapingVoid virtual backgrounds when they came out because I've always loved the messages that GapingVoid helps me convey. The backgrounds act as an excellent talking point as well as providing a practical solution to to problem of giving your Teams and Zoom calls a professional background.
People are always asking me where I get them from! Try this free one and see what I mean.

If In Doubt Begin - Free
Sarah Glenister
Loved it

Waa a great starting conversation for my meeting

Conversation provoking

Like several other backgrounds I’ve bought, this one sets the tone for online discussions

If In Doubt Begin - Free
great idea

Colors and idea are awesome. A great way to liven up the digital workspace!

If In Doubt Begin - Free
Henri Stockbroekx
Virtual Background

I' ve been a fan of Gaping Void for a long time. I love the Virtual Background.

Zoom background

Makes my screen presence sparkle!

Great conversation starter

Great conversation starter

Nobody has all the Answers
Sabrina Fehrenbach
Let' support each other and help each other grow

Just love the colorful background with the great message! Stronger together! The small heart is a beautiful detail. Makes colleagues dare to be open and to ask difficult or ('stupid') questions more easily.

Fueled by Possibilities
Sabrina Fehrenbach
Create a positive atmosphere

One week experience with this virtual backgrounds showed me how much attention you get with it. many colleagues referred to my background, gave me positive feedback, or wanted to learn more about it. It directly shows your attitude and generates a positive spirit. I'm absolutely happy with my choice! :)


Zoom meetings will never be the same. This delightful and happy image sparks off vivid exchanges of thought right off the bat of any meeting. The magic power of the artwork eases up participants and invites them to open up in a far earlier stage than ever before. It really is a surprisingly effective tool.

RBG Real Change
Love it

Price was right, and I'm a huge SCOTUS and RBG fan.

Adding the joy of creativity...

... to otherwise energy-draining meetings

Information Knowledge
Andrew Trickett
Perfect and gathering good comments

Was an easy download and already colleagues are commenting on it as my back drop to meetings.

Spot on

I needed to make it clear during an online masterclass that we are not so much learning how to create video as changing the world. This backdrop helped me make my point perfectly. I was more than happy to sit in front of such a brilliantly designed message that backed me up so perfectly. Feedback from the webinar was that techincallly I was streets ahead of other webinars. All for $25! Thank you Hugh!

Information Knowledge
Robert Wiedermann


This is 100% accurate

My entire job is getting insights out of data to drive impact. Can confirm: this is 100% accurate.

Information Knowledge
Valentina Di Taranto

Impactful and simple. Great for business meetings.